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WCFIBER, powered by West Carolina Tel, is coming to Greenwood! Reserve your spot for service by registering your interest. High Speed Internet, Reliable HD TV, and Crystal Clear Voice. Register today!

Zones In Service

Areas where service is currently available.

Zones In Pre-Registration

Areas where a goal must be met before service will be made available.


High Speed Internet

Your WCFIBER High Speed Internet service is able to handle all your high-tech demands, from streaming HD movies to ultra TV to 3D gaming and beyond. With the fastest speeds in your area, you will be amazed at what you can do!

WCFIBER Internet speeds start at 60 Mbps x 60 Mbps and go up to 1 Gbps x 1 Gbps





Your WCFIBER HD TV service includes over 100 channels and a wired DVR capable set top box, add Whole Home DVR for just $8.95/mo. Additional set top boxes added to your account may be wireless. That wireless connection means you can move your TV around your home and even several feet outside your home.

  • Video on Demand Upon Request
  • Instant Channel Change
  • Switch easily between SD and HD channels with one click
  • Rewind TV
  • Parental Controls and Adult Locking

TV Supreme: 70+ Additional Channels


*HD TV requires a subscription to Internet service.



Your WCFIBER Voice service includes these calling features free:

• Call Forwarding
• Calling Number Delivery
• On-screen Caller ID (When you also have WCFIBER HD TV service)
• Call Waiting
• Call Waiting Deluxe
• Automatic Recall
• Voicemail
• Voicemail to Email

Add Long Distance for just $5.95/month (Calling Area: Lower 48 States and Canada).

*Voice requires a subscription to Internet service.


Home Security

Secure your home with WCFIBER home security! Security from the people you know and trust! Choose from our three options below:


  • (1) Touch Screen Control Panel
  • (3) Door/Window Sensors
  • (1) Motion Sensor
  • (1) Key FOB
  • (1) Yard Stake
  • Communication Type: Landline
  • $29.99/Month   |   $99 One Time



  • (1) Touch Screen Control Panel
  • (3) Door/Window Sensors
  • (1) Motion Sensor
  • (1) Key FOB
  • (1) Yard Stake
  • (1) Wi-Fi Module - Capability to arm/disarm from smartphone
  • Communication Type: Wi-Fi
  • $34.99/Month   |   $129 One Time



  • (1) Touch Screen Control Panel
  • (3) Door/Window Sensors
  • (1) Motion Sensor
  • (1) Key FOB
  • (1) Yard Stake
  • (1) GSM Module - Capability to arm/disarm from smartphone
  • Communication Type: GSM - cell tower
  • $44.99/Month   |   $179 One Time


  • (1) Touch Screen Control Panel
  • (3) Door/Window Sensors
  • (1) Motion Sensor
  • (1) Key FOB
  • (1) Yard Stake
  • (1) Wi-Fi Module
  • (1) Z-Wave Card
  • (1) Lamp Module
  • Communication Type: Wi-Fi
  • Can add lights, thermostat, door locks, water sensors
  • $39.99/Month   |   $175 One Time


  • (1) Touch Screen Control Panel
  • (3) Door/Window Sensors
  • (1) Motion Sensor
  • (1) Key FOB
  • (1) Yard Stake
  • (1) Wi-Fi Module
  • (1) Z-Wave Card
  • (1) Lamp Module
  • (2) Total Connect Cameras with WAP
  • Communication Type: Wi-Fi
  • Can add lights, thermostat, door locks, water sensors
  • $48.99/Month   |   $300 One Time


  • (1) Touch Screen Control Panel
  • (3) Door/Window Sensors
  • (1) Motion Sensor
  • (1) Key FOB
  • (1) Yard Stake
  • (1) Wi-Fi Module
  • (2) Total Connect Cameras with WAP
  • Communication Type: Wi-Fi
  • $42.99/Month   |   $275 One Time


Upgrade your WCFIBER High Speed Internet service by adding DeviceLink, which will allow you to enjoy a worry-free wireless experience. DeviceLink is a managed WiFi service that ensures that you are getting the best Internet connection within your home for all your devices.

• Installation of a high-end wireless router
• Password protection of your wireless network
• Set-up of all select devices in the home at the time of installation
• A single point of contact for tech support, available 24/7
• Assistance when adding additional devices


Whole Home DVR

Upgrade your WCFIBER TV Service by adding Whole Home DVR!

  • Pause live TV.
  • Record a season of your favorite shows.
  • Rewind and Fast Forward through recorded programs. 
  • Watch your recorded shows on any set top box in your home.


About this Campaign

WCFIBER, powered by West Carolina Tel, is coming to Greenwood! Reserve your spot for service by registering your interest. High Speed Internet, Reliable HD TV, and Crystal Clear Voice. Register today!

Check out who's already registered!


James Boggero




Meredith Brown


Emily Hill


Brandy Hudson


Bill Taylor


Free concert this Thursday…

10:44am October 3, 2017

Join WCFIBER at Greenwood’s Uptown Live concert this Thursday, October 5 at Countybank Plaza. We are excited to sponsor this fun and FREE event, headlined by The Remedy. Music starts at 5:30, and The Remedy goes on at 6:30. Bring your lawn chairs. Food and beverage vendors available. Be sure to stop by our booth too! We hope to see you there!

Learn more at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/uptowngreenwood/events/?ref=page_internal

Straight from the customer’s mouth…

11:47am September 27, 2017

Dr. Christopher Griffin, DMD, (http://www.drchrisgriffindmd.com) has West Carolina services at his home and is looking forward to when we build WCFIBER into Greenwood where his dentistry practice is located. But, don’t take our word for it. Here’s what he had to say recently:

 “West Carolina’s Customer Service sets them apart.  When I call, I am able to have my issue resolved in a very appropriate amount of time. Service technicians are local and on call whenever needed.   In addition, the service has been fantastic, reliable and the internet is Super-Fast!  I recommend West Carolina to all of my friends.  I can’t wait for them to build to my business in Greenwood. I’m ready to switch over my practice to West Carolina’s WCFIBER now.”

 If you are in Greenwood, please pre-register – and encourage your neighbors to pre-register – to let us know you are interested in bringing fiber to your home or business.

Greenwood Super Networking Event Thank You

9:05am September 22, 2017

Thanks for stopping by our booth!

WCFIBER was excited to participate and mingle with all the local businesses that make Greenwood awesome. We were honored to have so many people stop by our booth and talk with us about our products and services. Once you register your interest on our site, make sure you tell your neighbors to register too, the more people registered in one area the higher the chance of receiving WCFIBER’s services.

Harris Mill/Summit Place/Forest Lake/Cobblestone Update

2:26pm September 7, 2017


Our crews have made their way to Harris Mill to begin construction in phases throughout the area. Construction has started in Harris Mill (including Summit Place), Cobblestone, and Forest Lake. Construction involves a three-step process:

  1. Crews build the main fiber lines into the community, connecting them back to WCFIBER’s main network. That’s the work you are seeing in the Harris Mill area now.
  2. Next, crews will run the fiber line from the curb up to each home. Only homes that have signed up will see this step so it’s really important to sign up now while the mainline construction is happening. Internet, TV and phone services are available. You may see some paint lines to help tell us where other utilities are located. You won’t see much other disturbance to your yard as we bury the fiber line.
  3. Finally, once the fiber is installed to the outside of the home, an appointment is made to install all services ordered. We expect that those installation appointments will start in October. You’ll get a notice when the outside work is done, telling you that we’re ready for you to make an appointment for the final inside work.

If you are in one of these neighborhoods, please call our office to sign up. If you’re not in an active area, please pre-register – and encourage your neighbors to pre-register – to let us know you are interested in bringing fiber to your area.

Fiber has come to Hunter’s Creek and Centre Court

4:39pm August 30, 2017

Great news, Centre Court and Hunter’s Creek friends! WCFIBER is building fiber in these neighborhood RIGHT NOW. 

You likely have seen construction crews working and some who have placed orders have already have services installed.  Construction will continue through August and installations have already started.  For those who have already signed up, you’ll be contacted for an appointment once the primary construction is done and a connection is made from the curb to the outside of your home.  If you haven’t talked to our team yet, now is the best time to complete your order while our crews are in these two neighborhoods. Call 844-30-FIBER to finish your order, we look forward to talking with you soon!

Construction begins in Harris Mill/Summit Place/Forest Lake/Cobblestone

3:42pm August 24, 2017

WCFIBER has opened up Harris Mill, Summit Place, Forest Lake, and Cobblestone as new areas (“zones”) in Greenwood. WCFIBER has already begun the preliminary construction work. So, if you live in one of these areas, be sure to call our office to place an order today. And, tell your neighbors the good news too.

 You may be wondering what the big deal is that WCFIBER is building FIBER to these neighborhoods. You may even be asking yourself, who needs speeds up to 1,000 Mbps anyway? The Fiber Broadband Association released a 2015 study that found access to fiber had a direct impact on home real estate values. “The boost to the value of a typical home – $5,437 – is roughly equivalent to adding a fireplace, half of a bathroom or a quarter of a swimming pool to the home,” the Association stated in a news release about the study. More and more devices are connected to the Internet, increasing the need for more bandwidth. A WCFIBER connection will future-proof your homes and ensure movie nights aren’t spoiled by buffering and frustrating wait times.

WCFIBER Construction Crews “Lighting Up” Greenwood

4:01pm August 22, 2017

It’s happening, Greenwood.

WCFIBER construction crews are busy in several neighborhoods bringing fiber and Gigabit Internet speeds to Greenwood. It is time to say goodbye to slow, unreliable connections that buffer. WCFIBER’s all-fiber network of Internet, phone and TV are crisp, clear and always on.

Crews have completed work in Regency Park Luxury Apartments. Residents there now have 200 x 200 Mbps Internet, replacing a 6 Mbps service from another provider.

Installations in homes in Hunter’s Creek and Centre Court are underway and will continue for the next several weeks. Next on the schedule is work in Harris Mill Village, Forest Lake, Cobblestone and Summit Place. So, if you live in any of these neighborhoods, now is the time to sign up and get 30 days of service for FREE.

Where to next? That answer is in your hands. Tell your neighbors to register at GigUpGreenwood.com. Let’s build fiber everywhere.

Spread the word! Fiber with Gig Internet – that’s 1,000 Mbps – is coming to Greenwood…


Centre Court Residents: Thank you!

3:14pm June 20, 2017

Centre Court 052517Dear Centre Court Residents, 

Thank you to those of you who came and participated in our event on May 25, 2017. We were glad to get a chance to speak with you and look forward to doing business with each of you! We have reached our goal and construction has begun in your area. We are still taking orders from interested residents, so please call us or place your order on this site today! 

Have a great day, 

WCFIBER Customer Service

Attention Centre Court Residents!

4:57pm May 31, 2017

Centre Court Residents,

WCFIBER representatives will be in your neighborhood soon to gather interest! Come sign up for our services and get some ice cream!

Where: Centre Court Main Entrance

When: Thursday, June 1 from 4pm - 6:30pm


We hope to see you there!

Hunter's Creek Update

11:19am May 30, 2017

Attention Hunter's Creek Residents!

Thanks for the opportunity to provide your neighborhood with our exceptional services. We are excited to improve your community-wide communications infrastructure.

Construction Update

  • Overall project is 83% complete.
  • Ducts have been installed on all Hunters Creek Roads.
  • Fiber has been pulled to the Hunters Creek Roads listed below.
    • Talley Ho Dr, Sand Trap Ln, Divot Tr, Covey Ct, Lands’ End.

WCFIBER has begun taking orders for services. Call us today to get the fastest & most reliable Internet in Greenwood PLUS your first month free, or register your interest on this site and a WCFIBER Representative will contact you!

Should you have any questions about our crew, please call our local office at 1-844-30-FIBER. Construction is scheduled to be completed by Mid-May with customer installs to be ongoing through the end of June. We look forward to working with you!

Attention Hunters Creek Families!

8:11am March 28, 2017

WCFIBER, powered by West Carolina Tel, is bringing wallet-friendly, family-wowing entertainment to Hunters Creek. We are currently in the construction planning phase to bring Internet speeds up to 1 Gigabit - that's 1,000 Mbps. We also will offer unlimited nationwide calling and outstanding TV options. Make sure to register your interest so you don't miss out on this life-changing fiber connection. You deserve a better connection, without annoying pauses and glitches. WCFIBER will deliver that.

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GigUp Greenwood - Corbin Godfrin

3:46pm October 19, 2017

Corbin Godfrin

Please Consider Winter Ridge the current provider's customer service is very bad and the speeds are inconsistent. If you were to come I'm sure as people heard how good you were people would switch

GigUp Greenwood - Wes Love

1:38pm August 13, 2017

Wes Love

Please consider Northfall / Roman Acres subdivision. The current providers provide horrible service.

GigUp Greenwood - David Hannah

10:23am August 10, 2017

David Hannah

How about the Kensington subdivision. I noticed you put a Hub in next to the entrance(near McClary Orthodontist.

GigUp Greenwood - Josh Hood

5:16pm August 9, 2017

Josh Hood

Are the four houses between Chinquapin and Gatewood entrance really not in the Zone? Hoping that is just a mapping error.

GigUp Greenwood - Jonathan Link

1:53pm July 19, 2017

Jonathan Link

Please consider coming to the Gracemont area of Greenwood around Grace St and Bypass 72.

GigUp Greenwood - Virginia Smith

10:11am May 16, 2017

Virginia Smith
Campaign Owner

We have now fixed the email referral feature on the site, make sure you send this to all your neighbors and community members to increase your chances of receiving WCFIBER services! Have a great day!

GigUp Greenwood - Eddie Brown

1:04pm April 29, 2017

Eddie Brown

https://www.gigupgreenwood.com/campaigns/2/customers/remote/151/success?callerReference=891ff6a9bf2e0268f83139d9b08ca6fb Errors when using this page to forward to other potential customers.

GigUp Greenwood - Eddie Brown

12:50pm April 29, 2017

Eddie Brown

I have tried to forward to others and there is an error that prevents me from telling others, using your website. Can you get the referral fixed?

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